Ze Nerve

Got a rude e-mail from somebody who thinks I wrote a post, a reply or whatever about bipolar disorder on the NY Times blog. (Peoplez, I don’t even READ the NY Times blog!) And apparently, his mail box is full, so I can’t even write a rude e-mail back.

Now I’m wondering: was it only the poor romance writer who got the aforementioned rude e-mail, or did the realtor get lucky, too? And what about the pediatrician in Philadelphia? Or the linguist at the University of Neuchâtel? Or the lady who works at Beha Innovation in the Glottertal (that’s where the Schwarzwaldklinik is *g*) in the Black Forest? And I’m sure there are a few more Sandra Schwabs out there.

*roll eyes*

2 thoughts on “Ze Nerve

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Sandra,

    I´m the lady who works for Beha Innovation GmbH in Glottertal.

    Funny that you mentioned me.
    World is so small and I guess a lot of people with our name. Is it your real name?

    Best regards

  2. Sandra Schwab

    Hallo Sandra und danke für den “Besuch”. Sandra Schwab ist tatsächlich mein richtiger Name. 🙂

    Liebe Grüße aus Frankfurt / Main,

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