2 thoughts on “You realize you’re getting older when …

  1. Richard

    Hej hej Sandy,
    comming back from Sweden just yesterday I found your comment on H&M quite amusing. As when you think those clothes put together on the shelves make no sense when combinig them the way they suggest, you are totally wrong. Those Swedish people (not only girls!) will combine H&M fashion exactly like it is layed out in the stores. So they really look crazy and odd fashioned in our eyes. And as to age limit: There is none in Sweden. Leotards (Leggins?) under short skirt are the latest hip in Sweden, no matter if you are 12 or 46! Besides that belts (huge belts that is) around the belly are a must, when wearing your striped pj dress on the street. Conclusion: don’t feel bad about not finding anything at H&M, it for crazy Swedish only…

  2. Sandy

    Leotards (Leggins?) under short skirt are the latest hip in Sweden

    Didn’t we (well, not you) do that ten years ago or so? I definitely remember a rather unfortunate outfit consisting of black dress with white dots and white leggings….

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