Yes, you guessed right: 3 facts about the aforementioned brandnew novel

  1. Carlotta feels very deeply for people who have got problems and she normally feels obliged to help them (mean-spirited people refer to this habit as meddling, which is completely untrue and utterly unfair).
  2. Griff has a problem. A big problem. (Remember that he has problems with his papa? His Big Problem is connected to that.) Griff himself doesn’t think he has a problem.
  3. Nevertheless, Charlie is determined to help him with his Big Problem, for one simply cannot have people of one’s acquaintance fall into a sad melancholia!
Miss Carlotta Stanton to Lady Isabella Griffin, by two-penny post
My dear Lady Isabella,
I hope this letter finds you well. Your brother has just called on us & I am positive that the lines on his face were harsher than 3 days hence. He looks positively haggard. I am convinced  that we ought to take Some Kind of Action to cure him of his Sad Melancholia. Indeed, dire measures are called for. Do you think it will cure him when he has to teach somebody to drive a high-perch phaeton? I asked James the footman (as the Most Likeliest Person in this household to know the answer to my question) & he informed me that the highest high-perch phaeton in all of London is owned by an Individual called Whitstock. […] I believe we ought to take Action as soon as possible to let your poor brother not continue in this sad state.

Your affectionate friend, Carlotta Stanton

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    1. Laura Vivanco

      I’m liking the sound of this book.

      [nitpicking] I’m not sure that “hence” can be used to refer to time in the past rather than in the future.[/nitpicking]

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