The new website is now online!!!

Apart from several new pages, e.g. The Lily Brand around the World, there’s also a brandnew feature: the hidden pages. You can access them only if you find the hidden links. So far, there are eight of them, e.g. “Fun Facts about Sandra” (I’m sure you always wanted to know how long it takes me to put an Ikea Billy-shelf together! *g*) and several excerpts from HIGHLAND LOVE, my first novel in English.

I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through the new site. Please let me know if there are any problems or mistakes with the new design.

2 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. Sandy

    Duh, I’ve already found the first bug: why the heck don’t some of the page fit into the monitor? And where do these white borders on the left and bottom come from???




    If anybody has brilliant ideas, please let me know!

  2. Sandy

    I’m the mother of all dafties!!!! Found the reason for the so-called “bugs”: my own stupidity. *head on table*

    Will need to clean this up over the weekend…

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