Writer’s Desk ~ 9 October

A picture of Sandra Schwab's deskThe past few weeks were rather ghastly as I scrambled to catch up with work, but since the weekend I’ve finally had time to return to my Roman novel. As you can see I’ve taken to write by hand – at the moment the story seems to flow easier this way. I just need to make sure to keep track of all the scenes because – as always – I’m writing the story out of order.

I can already that much: three and a half sweet Victorian novellas make for one very hot Roman novel. 😀

Rather dark & angsty, too. But to make up for all the angst, the ending will be very sweet. I promise!

Here’s a snippet from today’s session (raw & unedited, straight from the notebook #5):

She shuddered a little – from the way he was looking at her, from the urgency with which her body clamored for release, but most of all because she had exposed herself to him like this.

All at once, she felt vulnerable and inexplicably close to tears.

She raised her chin. “You may call me Lia,” she informed him haughtily as if she were the Queen of Egypt rather than a slave, his to do with as he wished.