Wisdom of the Day

On some days, each word becomes an effort, and to write three sentences takes half an hour. Today was one of these days: I just stared dully at my AlphaSmart-mini-monitor-thingie and it stared dully back. *sigh*

Horrible Histories of Mayence Episode of the Day:

He read how the seven knights killed the seven dastardly giants, how valiant Catrina, formerly known as Kassian, rode to a necromancer’s castle to save the Maid Gellna from a horrible fate.

The valiant knightess, when her enemy came unto her, struck him so terrible a blow upon the visor of his helmet, that with the fury thereof she made sparkles of fire to issue out with great abundance, and forced him to bow his head unto his breast. The necromancer returned her his salutation, and struck her such a blow upon the helmet that —


Fox looked up.

His brother stood in the door.