1. It’s entirely possible to sweat through your tee-shirt while jogging in front of the TV.
  2. I can jog for 30 minutes if I divide the time into 10 minute-snippets.
  3. The doggies know all the best routes!
  4. Wii-doggies sitting on the wii-grass and watching the wii-ocean make me laugh.
  5. In wii-world you can jump off a 20-metre cliff and not hurt yourself. Amazing!
  6. Miis cheering you on while you’re sweating through your tee-shirt are indeed encouraging.
  7. A world full of people (even if they’re only miis) is much better than a world without any people whatsoever (Myst, anybody? Those empty landscapes freak me out!)

7 thoughts on “Wii-velations

  1. Sandra Schwab

    Kate, I urgently needed something to keep myself fit. I thought about buying a membership for a fitness club, but the fitness clubs near where I live are either situated in strange parts of town, or they are terribly, terribly, terribly expensive (we’re talking about 80 Euros per month here!). Besides, I couldn’t really see myself driving to a fitness club at the end of a day of hard work/after uni/on a Sunday morning. So I concluded that the Wii and the Wii Fit would be a much better investment. And I seem to have been right. 🙂

    azteclady, I initially thought I’d hate running, too. I used to hate running anyway. The first few times on the short route were awkward, but now! Oh my! I really, really like it. I’m getting good at it, and I like pushing myself, and ooooh, have I already mentioned my legs? My legs are starting to look really good! 🙂

  2. azteclady

    😀 I don’t doubt the leg thing, but I ride my bike everywhere for that myself.

    On the running… well, it’s the bouncing part of running, you see. Some things just… BOUNCE more than others, if you catch my drift, and me, no like (or rather, it just plain hurts) so… no jumping, running or bouncing for yours truly.

    Wow, talk about tmi, hmm?

  3. Dorie

    I want Wii Fit now! Have you done yoga yet? Or the skiing? I just want to know what you think of it, lol.

    The running looks cute and I’m not a fan of running either.

  4. Sandra Schwab

    Hi Dorie! *waving* The skiing is one of the balance exercises; all you have to do is lean left or right. It’s not too bad, but I actually like several of the other balance games much better. I just love the table tilt and the river bubble thingie.

    The yoga exercises are nice for stretching and balancing; but they’re no substitute for the real thing. Still, I like them. I only hate it when my trainer is telling “Your leg is shaking. Stabilise your centre of gravity.” Ack! As if I didn’t know my leg is shaking! I’m about to fall off the dratted board!!!

    Another exercise that I simply love is Advanced Step (you step up and down the balance board). Sounds easy, but it’s actually quite good for toning your legs. 🙂

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