Where is Sandy?

No, I’m not ignoring you all on purpose and still haven’t fallen off the edges of the earth. (And still haven’t been kidnapped by hunky, sexy alien either — duh!) In the days since I returned home from Dallas, I’ve not only tried to catch up with corrections and preparations for my class, but I’ve also been kept busy by two ill cats. And now the whole stress of the past weeks and months seems finally to have caught up with me and gave me a tenseness of epic proportions in shoulders and neck. To make matters worse, I managed to fall up the stairs and jar my shoulder. The result? Lots of pain. Duh. Duh. Duh. I’m applying deap-heat salve on a regular basis, smell like bubblegum as a result of it, and will probably have to teach with one of these stiff ruffs-thingies around my neck.

Sometimes life really sucks.

And of course, my Muse chose this time to return home from her holidays.

6 thoughts on “Where is Sandy?

  1. carrie_lofty

    I sympathize. I strained my left wrist to the point where any action, and most especially typing, is terribly painful. I am just learning how to work out loud to using a voice recognition program, but a trip to the doctor is inevitable. I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. KathyF

    I’m always surprised to discover there are other romance writers living in Europe! And I know the post-RWA feeling, having attended several times when I lived in the States (and was writing quite a lot more).

    Anyway, glad to have discovered you. Am putting your book on the “to buy” list from Amazon. I have found a new appreciation for European historicals since moving here!

  3. Sandy

    Thank you all for your good wishes! I ate way too much chocolate, gummi bears, cake, and cookies in the past few days, but, you know, there are times a few more pounds of flesh on your hips is the least of your worries. Okay, the uni-canteen-munch doesn’t really help (and this week, it was especially unhealthy…), but the expensive, served-in-a-glass-bowl (as opposed to a plastic bowl) chocolate cream makes up for almost anything. As one of my colleagues said to me on Tuesday, “You have to be nice to yourself.” 🙂

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