Where are those aliens when you need them?

After we gave our Culture Studies 1 – British Studies (aka From the Ice Age to Maggie Thatcher in 9 Weeks) exam last night (and I mean night: the exam started at 7.55 p.m. and ended at 9.25 p.m.), I’ve spent my Saturday with corrections. Can you imagine a nicer way to spend your Saturday?

Actually, I can.


Ah well, I’m cheering myself up looking at notebook bags, notebook mouses and wireless presenters (for PP presentations) on amazon. What do you think of these:

Oilily Summer Garden 2008

Aha notebook bag

Golla Golla (I luuurve their designs!)

And the Kipling bag – I really like the red. 🙂

Of course, given that I now own my very own mini-me notebook, I don’t really need a big bag when I go to, say, a conference and want to take the mini-me with me. I could also use a somewhat bigger handbag. On the other hand, a spacious bag is never a bad thing. And with something like the red Kipling bag I could totally make a fashion statement. The Oilily bag is cuter, of course, but also somewhat girly, while the Kipling screams bold and strong (and, well, gorilla *g*). Kipling also produces sinfully expensive leather notebook bags, yet none of them come in any exciting colours (black and brown is not really exciting).

2 thoughts on “Where are those aliens when you need them?

  1. The Tudor Rose

    I’m in love with the Aha!. I may have to go buy one for myself. Because my laptop bag just SCREAMS laptop right now, which is functional, but a bit scary when you’re travelling in foreign airports. 🙂

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