Castle of the Wolf got reviewed in the Chicago Tribune!!!!!!!!! (Please imagine me hopping up and down and from side to side and generally about and around with joy.) And they liked it. Isn’t that fantastiggerish? Here’s the thingie:

Celia Fussell thought she was doomed to life as a poor spinster, when she unexpectedly inherited a castle in Germany — with one condition: She must marry the son of the former owner within four months. When she arrives, she discovers a few other things her lawyer failed to mention. Not only is her new home a gloomy, rumored-to-be-cursed ruin, but the son of the former owner doesn’t seem to want to turn the castle over to her.

In “Castle of the Wolf,” Sandra Schwab’s nuanced characters, detailed setting and writing seasoned with a soupcon of tart wit blend together to create a magical, fairy-tale, Regency historical romance.

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  1. carrie_lofty

    Hey, that’s a whole lot more coolness than some folks who have “I got four tulips from TulipRomanceReviews.com” or some such. That’s big time! Congrats

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