What was that?

WO WAREN DIE HOFSÄNGER???? I don’t believe this: I stayed up late to watch the Hofsänger at the end of “Mainz bleibt Mainz” and they weren’t there. This must be the first time ever that this event ended without a performance by the Hofsänger…

3 thoughts on “What was that?

  1. Christian

    They weren’t happy with their position in the show’s setup and with the way the TV execs treated them during negotiations. So they chose not to take part in this year’s event.
    Once the ratings are up, the TV station demands more and more influence.

  2. Sandra Schwab

    Christian, isn’t that horrible? I really couldn’t believe it when there were no Hofsänger at the end and the final number turned out to be something beyond strange.

  3. christian

    Horrible is not the word I would use, but it’s still pretty interesting to see how much influence the TV station has on the way the show is run. It’s not their event, it’s not their program, yet they get to have their say every year. Hardly anybody stands up against this kind of nonsense, because everybody wants to be on TV. Including the people who really run this thing.
    I truly think that the televised “Saalfastnacht” would benefit from lower ratings and less public interest. But what do I know… 🙂

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