What Sells? (Shells???)

At RWA National Sue Grimshaw and Kathy Baker gave a workshop as part of the PAN retreat (Published Authors Network), and among other interesting things, Sue Grimshaw listed things that sell well these days:

  • paranormals (no surprise here)
  • sex / erotic romance (even less surprise here)
  • a torso on the cover (“man-titty”, yay! *g*)

Okay, so my novels are slowly and steadfastly tripsing into the paranormal section (but so far there are no werwolves or vampirs involved!), and I’ve already had a torso on a cover. Two torsos (torsi?) in fact, if you count my mock cover for BETRAYAL! Now I just have to do something about the sex. There will be a love scene in BETRAYAL, but so far, I haven’t even the faintest idea for a love scene in BEWITCHED. Ah well, I’m counting on the Muse to provide me with something nice! :O)