What Sandy Did

I missed TT13 yesterday — oh duh, my second week with TT13 and I already missed it. *head desk* But actually, I’ve got a really good excuse: I was cleaning up my sitting room (which was not only unbelievably dusty and dirty, but also full of junk). The whole day and evening, more or less.

Today I stewed some cranberries (I felt a craving for something sweet, but the only thing I had at home was a container of boring vanilla icecream — and frozen cranberries). They turned out lovely — except … well, the only thing the stupid recipe didn’t say was that you’d better sieve the stuff before you put it away if you don’t want spiky cranberry skins in your compote. Duh.

And now it’s back to dissing. Dicky Doyle is calling for me. Adieu.