What makes today so special?

It’s the day the debut novel of one of my old LOL Lit Forum buddies hits the shelves! Wooohooo!!! Linda, I’ve said it before, but I’ll just say it again: We’re so damn proud of you!!!!

When I posted my first excerpt on the forum way back in 2000, Linda was the first to reply. Around the same time as I joined the Lit Forum, she started posting from a new novel of hers, BETWEEN THE PAGES, a wonderful YA fantasy novel (if I’m not mistaken she never posted the ending, though — boohoo). These past few years Linda and her family lived in Japan (and they probably went to the Ghibli Museum — can you tell I’m jealous? I swear I’m turning all green!!!), and her new home obviously influenced her Muse: the book’s that coming out today deals with a young Japanese-American Nori who spends a year in Tokyo as an exchange student. She learns all kinds of things — not only about the Japanese culture, but also about herself.

It definitely sounds fascinating, and I hope you’ll all dash to the nearest bookstore to pick up a copy!