We’re snowed in!

Woke this morning to white stuff falling down from the skies. (If that’s angelic dandruff, they’re definitely not using the right shampoo up there .) So far, I’ve been valiantly trying to ignore the pile of exams on my desk. But I guess, it can’t be helped: I really need to get those corrections done. *sigh*

The next semester is already casting shadows in the form of amazon packages with books on Beowulf. Nearly got a heart attack during registration for my course when one of the students mentioned she studies Anglophone Languages with special emphasis on Old and Middle English. I totally forgot about these historical linguistics people.

It’s still snowing.

I think I’m going to make myself a pot of nice hot tea.

(Any volunteers for the correcting stuff???)

One thought on “We’re snowed in!

  1. Kate

    We’re getting snow too – There are students outside my window that seem to be attempting to make a monstrous snowball – They’re doing pretty well – it’s about waist height…

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