Welcome to WinterWonderLand!

It’s snowing — or rather, it has been snowing here in Frankfurt, Germany. So now everything is dusted with white. It reminded me how strange winter nights are when there’s snow: snow brightens the night. All light is reflected and all sounds muffled. (Note to self: Make sure to write a winter night scene for BEWITCHED!)

Today I bought Mira Nair’s VANITY FAIR with Reese Witherspoon as Becky Sharp. So far I’ve watchec about an our or so of that film and I’m loving it! It’s set in the Regency, it’s got Reese Witherspoon in it — of course I’m loving it! :O) I know that at least one (historical) character that appeared in THE LILY BRAND is in VANITY FAIR, too: the Marquis of Hertford (he’s the guy who stares at Lillian in the first ballroom scene and who doesn’t seem to take when a blob of wax drops onto his companion’s bossom) appears as the Marquis of Steyne in Thackeray’s novel. But I’m sure there’ll be even more famous people to spot! (Gosh, I really have to read that novel some time soon!)