Weekly Update

Have not yet entered BEWITCHED in the RITA contest, but have instead submitted workshop proposals for the 2009 RWA National Conference. Sarah Frantz has put together an academic panel so we can introduce our research in romance to the romance writers’ community (and show them that academics are not necessary teh eeeeebil) (really, we aren’t, even if some of us style themselves Horror-Something). I’ve also submitted a proposal for a workshop on research — I got some nice feedback for “No iPods for Regency Rakes” and decided I’d give it a try and see whether the RWA Powers That Be like it, too. Fingers crossed! 🙂

Speaking of Horror-Somethings, I’m so no Horror-Anything: I even feel bad about being mean to the characters in Animal Crossing. (Duh.) Still, hitting them over the head with your butterfly catcher and watching them freak out is sort of fun… *GGG*

Watched the first two episodes of series seven of SPOOKS and drooled over Richard Armitage (naturally). Though you can’t help wanting to feed the poor guy some chocolate cake to fatten him up. Or cookies. 😉

Spent my Saturday afternoon preparing one of my Monday classes and it turned out that we’re not going to have so much of a discussion about North & South, but about the British bookmarket and technological improvements in the 19th century. Ah well, they should hear this at least once during their studies. It certainly won’t hurt them.