Weekly Reads Round-Up (Warning: May Include Nuts … eh … Serious Gushing!)

I used to be crazy about anthologies. Truly, once upon a time I loved anthologies to pieces. But alas, today the stories in anthologies are a bit too condensed for my liking. Still, I enjoyed Snowy Night with a Stranger with stories by Jane Feather, Sabrina Jeffries and Julia London quite a lot. (There were wounded heroes with scars — what’s not to like?) (Uhm, somehow that doesn’t sound right … *g*)

Next I tried another book from the Rapturous Rakes bundle, namely, Nicola Cornick’s The Rake’s Mistress. Even though the premise was interesting and definitely unusual (the heroine is a glass engraver, and the hero is after a group of spies who encode messages in glass engravings), I didn’t like it as much as Georgina Devon’s The Rake. Definitely more of a 3 than a 4.

After that I read a book which shall remain unnamed. Or rather, I read 1 1/2 chapters of the aforementioned book which shall remain unnamed. And by then I had taken such an intense dislike to the hero that the book achieved wallbanger-status. Heavens, people, even if your hero is a rake, I really don’t want to read about him seducing servant girls and frolicking with them over the sheets just because he fancies a quick shag!

(Needed to fortify myself with some Lebkuchen after that rather nasty reading experience.)

And then … oh, then I started with Lisa Kleypas’s Scandal in Spring. Before that my one and only Kleypas novel had been Lady Sophia’s Lover, which I read years ago and which was a meh read for me. Hence, I had never tried another of her novels. But as I’m now devouring historicals again, I ended up looking at the cover blurb for Scandal in Spring. And then at the beginning of the first chapter, which the nice people at Fictionwise had helpfully provided. It sounded sweet, so I bought the book.

Lucky me! 🙂

For I utterly, utterly adore it! It’s sweet, funny and sexy; the heroine is likable and the hero is suitable dashing (and doesn’t seduce servant girls!). The dialogues are witty, the action is charming, and the secondary characters are well drawn. I like the interaction between the heroine and the other Wallflowers — it’s nice to see a heroine surrounded by loving friends and family. (I tend to isolate my heroines. Perhaps I should fix that in a future novel … *thinks about future novel projects* Well, perhaps in a novel far, far, far into the future. My heroines seem to be doomed to be isolated. Poor things.)

Naturally, I bought all the other books from the Wallflower series straight away (hey, Fictionwise offers a 40% rebate at the moment, remember? *ggg*)