Wee Note on Tuesday Night

Ha! I’ve got another very nice e-mail from a reader, who stayed up almost all night to finish THE LILY BRAND! That’s really the most wonderful feeling, to see how much enjoyment my book gives to readers. :O)

There’s a new interview with me online at Once Upon a Romance. If you like to find out a bit more about my current WIP, that’s the thing to read! I hope you’ll enjoy it!

To celebrate the release of my debut novel and all the things that are happening to me, I’ll spend a few days in London in August. (YES!) And — that’s the best thing about this! — I’ll go and see Adam Cooper’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses! Twice!!!! (YES! YES! YES!) I even got a ticket for the very last performance. Gosh, I’m soo looking forward to that! If don’t burst with happiness now, I’ll certainly burst with happiness then. *G*