Walking through Frankfurt

Went to Frankfurt today and discovered a number of strange things:

1) Something strange was going on in the city today: only three train lines went past the main station into town and in the main station there were noticably more policemen and security staff then usual. Not very reassuring, really.

2) That newsagent in the main station apparently no longer sells DANCE EUROPE. Duh.

3) My shoes were not made for long-distance walking: walked from main station to the Hauptwache and when I finally arrived, my feet were on fire. Double-duh.

4) In some shops shop assistants don’t consider it necessary to assist customers. Or to restock things. Like the Original Suffolk Canisters I had planend to buy. No need to say, I’ll never go to that shop again.

5) I am indeed able to walk into a bookshop and walkt out of it again without having bought a book.

Well, I did buy some books, never fear:

A) Rebecca Winters, FATHER BY CHOICE (for once I couldn’t resist a M&B photograph-cover!)


C) Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown, CAT’S EYEWITNESS

No I’ll need to see what I can do about the blisters on my feet. :O)

2 thoughts on “Walking through Frankfurt

  1. Kate

    I completely sympathize with the blistery pain.

    On a completely random note, I’ll be in Galway for a couple of nights at the end of the month. How exciting is that? Anything I should see if I get the chance?

  2. Sandy

    Even though Galway is certainly a picturesque town, there is not that much to actually look at. You could spend a day exploring the town itself and admiring the lovely, colourful houses and do some shopping. 🙂 If you’ve got time you might want to think about a tour through the Burren or through Connemara (bus tours start in Galway). Spending a day on the Arran Islands is another possibility. And since you’re interested in history you might want to see Dun Angus — it’s breathtaking!

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