Visiting the LiMo, the Museum of Modern Literature

Last month, when I was at the conference in Tübingen, I also visited the German Archives for Literature (Deutsches Literaturarchiv) in Marbach* (this was the end-of-conference excursion), or to be more exact, the Museum of Modern Literature. And it was just — wow!

The set-up of the museum’s main room is rather intriguing: four rows of display cases made entirely of glass so you can look at the displayed books and manuscripts from all sides. When you walk down the length of the room, you proceed forward in time, from the early 20th century until today, while widthways you proceed from manuscript to finished book to objects connected to the author or to the book (e.g. a razor, a pocket pistol, a Christening spoon, letters from readers, photos).

For me, the most exciting object on display was the typoscript of Michael Ende’s DIE UNENDLICHE GESCHICHTE. He’s been such an important author for me, and the Neverending Story and the JIM KNOPF books were three of my favourite novels during my childhood and teens.
* Friedrich Schiller was born in Marbach. Hence the statue of Schiller.