Vanity Fair

Just now I’ve watched the second half of VANITY FAIR and I have to say I’ve enjoyed this film very much (and why not? James Purefoy looks hot! Especially in those Regency clothes!!!) — even though it’s probably not really a good adaptation of the novel itself. For one thing, Becky is just too nice in the film, more a victim of her situation than taking part in the game of using other people. And of course, given the length of the novel there must have been bits … chunks really … missing. As I said: I need to read that novel! :O)

One scene I absolutely adored was the Duke of Richmond’s ball in the night before the Battle of Waterloo. When the call to action came, all those men in uniforms rose and swept through the ballroom like a tidal wave of reds and blue, adorned with golden flitter. If I’ll ever need to describe that ball, I know what to use for inspiration!