Urban Sketching, or, The Cool Things You Can Discover with Flickr

A few months ago I created a Flickr account (oh well, it was more, like, over a year ago, but who’s counting, I ask you?) as part of my desperate attempts to kickstart my creativity. I thought that sharing pictures of my crafting projects might do the trick. (It didn’t, not really; but hey, I did teach myself using a sewing machine. That’s something, right? And frankly, I’m tickled pink that I can sew. *g*) (I’m also tickled pink that my humble creations seem to have inspired others to tackle crafting – yay! Surely that’s the best compliment ever!)

Though I don’t upload pictures on a regular basis, I love Flickr. You can discover so many interesting things there. Like these

1. Twin Spruce Dress: Simplicity 3965, 2. Picnic Dress: Simplicity 3965, 3. Prairie Girl Dress, 4. Finn the Human, 5. Peony Prince de Galles, 6. Granny Stripe Blanket – edging detail, 7. P1100441, 8. Untitled, 9. SSS1, ’11, my original Peony, 10. Sorbetto Dress, 11. Crochet Chinese New Year Dragon, 12. Heart Kitty, 13. Quilt for baby – detail, 14. Felt hamster, 15. at petit morpho, 16. berries and butterfly stumpwork, 17. Loulouthi Quilt – handquilting, 18. House tape measure by Poppyprint, 19. my book 1, 20. Jasmine muslin, 21. Jasmine Colette, 22. Monkey Man, 23. New Pattern!, 24. Purple Embroidered Cuff with Glass Button and Gold Beadwork, 25. Chevron Embroidered Necklace, Beaded Fringe, Turquoise on Moss Green Linen, Gypsy Boho, 26. macaron, 27. Crumm, 28. Bowl Bear Amigurumi is looking at U

(Did you see the itty-bitty crocheted dragon? Isn’t it cuuute???)

On Saturday I browsed the pictures of the group Moleskinerie and happened to stumble across some absolutely stunning sketches of urban landscapes, like this one:


Or this:

the golden gate bridge, from telegraph hill

Or this:

Sai Kung

Aren’t these awesome?

I did some research (I’m good at that *g*) and discovered that there is not only a whole blog dedicated to urban sketching, but that there’s also a book called The Art of Urban Sketching

Now, you know that I’ve got this thing with books, right? And because I’d fallen in love with the works featured on the blog, I naturally ordered the aforementioned book. It arrived today, and let me tell you, it is absolutely and utterly stunning. After a short exploration of what urban sketching is, the book takes you on a journey around the world via the sketches of the various contributors.

It’s one of those books that you can open again and again, and every time you will discover something new. *happy sigh*