Update: Still alive! Yay!

I’m on my way to London to spend a week in the British Library doing some research for the PhD thingie. Don’t you just hate those last few hours before you drive to the airport? You constantly check your bag, your purse, your bag, your purse, your purse again (because — who knows? — in the five minutes since you last checked, your credit card might have grown legs and walked away!). And then you start coming up with all kinds of horror scenarios — what if your suitcase disappears? what if the hotel sucks? what if your hotel reservation has been accidentally cancelled? *head desk*

I had planned to go to Oxford on Saturday to spend a few hours in the Pitt Rivers Museum (= Sandra’s most favourite museum in the whole wide world) and do some research for a new, old book project — and guess what? They’re closed. There’s a temporary closure until spring 2009 for some building development work. Boo-hooo! Doesn’t anybody think of authors and their research these days???

One thought on “Update: Still alive! Yay!

  1. The Tudor Rose

    Ha! That’s pretty funny – it’s exactly what I’m doing right now. I have to fly across the country for work (which, ironically, will take longer than it will for you to fly to England… one of the disadvantages of living in a massive country) today and have been having all sorts of “did I remember…?” thoughts…

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