Update on the Mary Stewart Glom

Mary Stewart’s novels have turned out to be something of a mixed bag for me. I really, really enjoyed “Madam, Will You Talk?” and “The Wind off the Small Isles” (aka the book I bought ages ago because it came with a letter from Dorothy Dunnett; fangirl, that’s me *g*).

“The Ivy Tree”, by contrast, was rather blah. I never warmed to the first person narrator and I thought the “I’m not who you think I am though I resemble her, oh wait, I am her, after all, didn’t you know, oops and now he wants to kill me because he is a murdering bastard after all” going-ons a bit silly.

And “This Rough Magic”? Nice beginning, great setting, but, oh my gosh, the pace is soooooooooo slow. Slower than a snail. Read about half of the book, then jumped forward and read ending. Not much of a surprise there. Definitely not a keeper.

But the covers are stunning, aren’t they?

One thought on “Update on the Mary Stewart Glom

  1. Vicki Batman

    I LOVE Mary Stewart’s books. In case of a fire, those and Dick Francis go with me.

    Madam Will You Talk would make an excellent movie. It is my favorite. The Gabriel Hounds, This Rough Magic (I like the hero), and adore My Brother Michael. Sigh. I’ve read them so many times.

    No wonder we’re lunch buddies–Georgette Heyer AND Mary Stewart.

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