Update on BETRAYAL

As you might have guessed from the non-existent further podcast episodes, I’ve run into a bit of trouble with BETRAYAL. I knew it was a stupid thing to do, to start reading it before I had ever finished writing it, but hey, if you want to believe some people us romance writers are illiterate and fluffheads anyway. Oh yes, and we’ve got inflated egos because our names appear on every other page of our books. I kid you not.

So at the moment, I’m busy with finishing the remaining chapters (almost there! almost there!). After that I’ll go through the whole thing again, smoothen out the kinks and then start producing further podcast episodes. Sorry for the whole delay! But I’m sure I’ll totally improve once I hit the big three-Oh (Saturday next week) and become a whole new person. Serious. Hardworking. Responsible. No more fluff. No more writing pornogr–

Piffle. Some people should have their Head examined! *g*