Uhm …

One of the cats just licked the lid of my notebook. Ugh. Perhaps because she sneezed on it first? *head desk* I so want to be a romance heroine! Their cats never sneeze, are never sick, and never leave hairballs in hallways. And romance heroines don’t have to do litter trays.

Oh yes.

And they’ve got hunks.

Perhaps the hunks do the litter trays? Hmmm ….

“Hunk! Go and do the litter tray!”

Ugh. That sounds like …* The horror, the horror! I’ll just go and do the litter trays myself.


* No, most of you are not supposed to understand this. Whereas some will probably fall off their chairs. 😛

2 thoughts on “Uhm …

  1. Anonymous

    hi sandy.

    woe betide the cat-owner who forgets to take care of the litter box! cats can be vicious in their retaliation…

    after a completely innocent lapse on my part, my cat climbed up on the hamper of clean clothes in my room, and balanced there and did his business. ack! the final clue was the little cat-sized devil horn i found on my bedroom floor…

    well. ok. there wasn’t a devil horn, but he did leave plenty to get my attention.

    aside from that. he’s a good cat. (^_^)


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