Uh-hu …

I’ve just found this on a German authors’ messageboard with an international division:

But I would say that ANY setting external to the USA, unless the story
focusses on Americans in that setting, will not make it in the States.

I couldn’t help laughing. Out. Loud.

People, there is romance. The genre which shan’t be named. The one that makes up about half of all paperback fiction sold in the US. And there are lots and lots and lots of romances *cough*like Regency-set historicals*cough* which are not set in the US and which don’t feature Americans. And some authors of such romances are even successful. Sort of. *g*

And books set in Scotland? These still sell very, very well in the US.

And what about Harlequin / Mills&Boon novels? UK, Australia, New Zealand — and if you go back a few years, you get some more exotic places as well.