Uber-glowing Sandy

They arrived!!!! Today, when I came home from office, a huge big parcel was waiting for me on the doorstep (and a dead fish in the pond, but that’s a different story). A HUUUUUGE parcel. Could it be … ? I ripped it open, hardly daring to believe, but yes, YES, there they were: my author’s copies of THE LILY BRAND!!!! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Now I can’t stop looking at them, admiring them, touching them, and, yes, smelling them, too. *G* And there’s MY name on the cover! It’s a bit surreal to be honest. I look at that book, and I open it, and there’s the text I’ve written, so familiar yet so unfamiliar in many ways. It looks different now that it’s printed, that it’s in a book. It’s like when you go to the hairdresser and you have your long, flowing hair cut really short: when you then look into the mirror for the first time, the face looking back at you is you, but in strange way not you at all.

I didn’t cry when I opened the parcel and saw the books, even though I thought I would. But now that I’m writing this, and it’s sinking in that the big dream of my life, the thing I’ve been yearning for for the past 20 years, has become reality, now my eyes are full of tears, and I’m SO, SO HAPPY!!!!