Two Conspirators

My heroine, Carlotta, and her new friend are up to no good …

“I think that went very well,” Charlie whispered to Lady Isabella as she pushed the wheeling chair after the elderly lady. “You were truly splendid!”

The other girl shot her a blushing glance accompanied by a shy smile. “Would it be very wicked of me to admit that –” The blush deepened. “– that I enjoyed myself?”

Charlie grinned. “Oh, no! It’s the spirit of St. Cuthbert’s, you see.”

They caught up with the lady who had led them across the room to a table where a group of young gentlemen lounged in their seats. Charlie surveyed them critically. So one of those was the fabled Mr Whitstock, owner of the most splendid phaeton in all of London.

(from a scene I wrote last night)