Tuesday ‘Tis & That

Had a deucedly bad day yesterday: first, spent two hours watching other people write their exams (with me as person of authority to raise hell should they dare to cheat) (oh yes, and my other big task was to write down who went when to the loo) (Have you any idea how long two hours can be??? Even when you spend considerable time mentally drafting a scene involving two butt-naked men for some future novel…) (two absolutely gorgeous, butt-naked men!), then went to the uni canteen and ate cuttlefish-rings (which was probably not such a good idea). Afterwards went to Hofheim to get a bank statement and was positively surprised at the amount of money in my account (realized only later that I’d paid the flight tickets with my credit card and that my credit card statement for last month hasn’t arrived yet. Duh.), bought the new PRIDE&PREJUDICE film in celebration (so I can adequately bitch about it later on), then went home. As I passed the post office in Hofheim I realized I was getting the beginnings of a mild (that’s what I, poor deluded soul, thought) migraine. By the time I was home, it had worsened so I thought I’d take a quick nap until cat-feeding time (see? having cats is like having little children). By the time I woke up, migraine had taken on epic proportions and I felt so thoroughly sick I feared I might have fish poisoning (well, I’ve never had fish poisoning before, but given that I ate cuttlefish in the university canteen …). Fell right back into bed after having fed the cats (PĆ¼nktchen threw a tantrum when I disappeared behind the closed door once more). Luckily, the fish-poisoning-fear turned out to be as false as the finger-might-fall-off-scare. *G*

One thought on “Tuesday ‘Tis & That

  1. Kate

    On the bright side, the podchatter is now working for me! Yay! Enjoying it muchly.

    I totally didn’t imagine you speaking English with such a posh accent! I guess in my head you were always just a Canadian with a German accent =)

    Glad the migraine is gone.

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