Troy is a Knight in Shining Silver!

Yesterday I finally got my copy of the July issue of RT. And guess what? Troy, my Troy!, has been listed among the for July: “Looking for an alpha male? . . . . There’s . . . Troy Sacheverell, brought to a larger-than-life existence by Sandra Schwab in The Lily Brand.” Yeah!

And the RT review is quite lovely, too: “Darkly sensual, intense, yet with a searing passion, this is a tale for those yearning for the alpha-male hero and the heated desire that springs up on the edge between love and hate. Schwab knows how to play into erotic romance lore and pulls allt he right strings to stir readers’ imagination. She’s a welcome new voice in the genre.” Now isn’t this nice? More than nice, actually! Definitely more than nice: yesterday one of my colleagues remarked I seemed to be glowing from within. :O) (Okay, well, it might have just been the heat …) (But heat or no heat, I’m thrilled, thrilled, thrilled!!!)