Trease #3

Finished my Trease article earlier today — OH MY GOSH! Who would’ve thought that 200 itty-bitty words can give a girl such a headache! I had, like, 15.000 different versions until I finally managed to put a decent 200-word tribute together (and it’s exactly 200 words – yay me!). I really, really liked this first sentence: “When George Trease, a wine merchant in Nottingham, brought home desk diaries for his son to fill in with stories in pretend writing, he could have hardly imagined that this son would one day revolutionize children’s fiction.” And I liked this one, too: “Geoffrey Trease’s writing career started even before he had learnt his letters.” In the end, I had to settle for: “Teacher, journalist, novelist, playwright: Geoffrey Trease had many jobs during his lifetime, but he found his greatest success in the field of children’s fiction.”

Now, with this article out of the way, it’s PhD time next week and I’ll continue my explorations of Victorian medievalism (and all those things Trease so abhorred: jingoism, class and colour prejudice, and a glorification of the past): let there be dragons!