Towards the Maturity of 30

Question: How does a girl notice she’s getting older (well, apart from the problem-with-gravity bit) (oh yes, and apart from the bit where her hips get broader if she so much as takes a peek at chocolate)?

Answer: Easy — you look at guys in their 20s and think, “Oh gosh, babies.” And then you go and look at a guy in his 40s and all you can think is, “Oh YUM!” *lol*

No really, I’ve lately noticed I just can’t help grinning when reading about the dangerous, compelling, smouldering, sulking, horribly tormented hero, age 27. I either feel like patting his head and telling him, “It’s not that bad, sweetie,” or like giving him a good kick in the butt and hoping it’ll help him to get his act together.

Now, as to the 40-something yummies: I watched the film WEDDING DATE today, with Dermot Mulroney, who is seriously yummy indeed! :O) Apart from that, the film was really sweet and the plot will be familiar to everybody who loves romance: Kat hires call boy Nick to accompany her to her sister’s wedding and pretend to be her boyfriend. Okay, so the call-boy bit is maybe not that usual for romance, but the hiring-guy-to-play-boyfriend/husband/whatever bit certainly is. Does anybody remember Kate Walker’s HERS FOR A NIGHT? And all the pretend-engagement plots as in Leigh Michael’s TEMPORARY MEASURES?

As I said, the film is rather sweet — and it’s certainly no disadvantage that you get to see a lot of Dermot Mulroney’s general and over-all yumminess. Oh, but I’ve already mentioned that he is yummy, haven’t it? *ggg*