Today is the Day …

… the Day of E-Mails from across the Big Pond. And I’m so excited as if it were Christmas. :O)

3:00 p.m. will see me glued to my ‘puter, and I won’t budge an inch except in cases of fire, floodding or aliens landing in our backyard.

7 thoughts on “Today is the Day …

  1. Dorie

    Still there Sandy? 😀

    Still no flood, fire, aliens or hairballs? LOL

    Ugh, I hate hairballs.

    Ok, this was a pointless post. I’m just sending good vibes your way, Lol. ^_^

  2. Sandy

    Thanks for the good vibes, Dorie. Still no flood, fire, aliens (you can’t even depend on aliens these days!), hairballs or e-mail. It looks as if I’ve got to go back to correcting papers for the time being… *booohoooo*

  3. Sandra Schwab

    In the past eight minutes there’ve been no flood, fire, aliens, hairballs or e-mails. But while googling a bit, I found one of the members of my RWA chapter bitching about The Lily Brand. Online. Thanks *so* much. Makes one feel all warm and fluffy inside.

  4. Sandy

    Diddle-doo, diddle-doo, diddle-doo

    Still no f-f-a-h-em

    (In fairness to the aliens I should perhaps add that it would be *extremely* difficult to land a spaceship or -shuttle in our backyard due to our rather biggish fish pond. So you can’t really hold it against the poor aliens, can you?)

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