Thursday Thirteen #3: Thirteen Sachets of Instant Soup

I still wasn’t able to chew properly today (or at least not without feeling a considerable amount of discomfort or even downright pain). Therefore I braved the elements (’twas raining cats and dogs today!) and went to the supermarket (okay, okay, I drove) and bought a considerable amount of rice pudding, semolina pudding, and, well, soup. Lots and lots of sachets of instant soup. And here they are:

Thirteen Sachets of Instant Soup

1) creamy potato soup

2) potato-and-leek soup

3) all-natural tomato soup

4) creamy tomato soup

5) tomato soup with ricotta

6) tomato soup with mozzarella

7) creamy mushroom soup

8) chanterelle soup

9) white mushroom soup

10) creamy shrimp soup (tasted crap)

11) alphabet soup

12) alphabet soup

13) alphabet soup

9 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #3: Thirteen Sachets of Instant Soup

  1. Damozel

    Mmmmm, soup. I think I could LIVE on it. Nothing else is as comforting when you’re feeling bad.

    But I’m SO sorry about your dental difficulties. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  2. Laura Vivanco

    The alphabet soup sounds promising. Do you think it could be magic alphabet soup that writes stories or part of your thesis for you? If not, at least it’ll be nourishing.

  3. Seeley deBorn

    mmmm… I love soup, but I always make it from scratch. Tomato is so easy, but I imagine in your pained and weakened state simply boiling water takes more than enough effort for a meal so I won’t bother with the recipe.

  4. Camille Alexa

    Poor Sandy. Let’s hope you feel better enough by next Thursday to blog about something other than thirteen ways to eat cream rice (which I thought was “ice cream” when I first read it).

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