Thursday Thirteen #2: Thirteen Cities

Thirteen Towns & Cities I Have Visited

1. Frankfurt (well, that’s no big feat since I live in a suburb of Frankfurt

2. Mainz (work there)

3. Freiburg (I used to live in the Black Forest when I was a child)

4. Florence (during a summer vacation with my parents)

5. Siena (during the aforementioned summer vacation with my parents; Siena’s church is striped like a zebra 🙂 )

6. Vienna (saw my first musical there, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s CATS)

7. Prague (on my very last school excursion; the Charles Bridge at night must be the most romantic place on earth!)

8. Birmingham (during my teens I had an English penfriend who lived near Birmingham)

9. Oxford (oh, I love Oxford! Not only have they got a whole street full of bookstores, but there is also the wonderful, the magnificent Pitt Rivers Museum!)

10. Berwick-upon-Tweed (in the rain; you’ll get to see it, too, in one of the next episodes of “Trials & Tribulations of a Travelling Scholar”)

11. London (of course!)

12. Edinburgh (the City of Wonders)

13. Reno (in the month my first book was published, for RWA National 2005)

13 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #2: Thirteen Cities

  1. amy

    Ive been to London and would love to go back..Good list

    Another contest starting tomorrow at Random thought, lasting 7 days..its pretty easy and I have some great prizes!!!

  2. Nicholas

    I lived the first few decades of my life in London and I do miss it. And I lived a couple of years just outside Oxford. Prague is beautiful. And I’ve been to Berwick-on-Tweed in the rain too!

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