Thursday Duh

Over at AAR they’ve got a not-so-nice discussion about THE LILY BRAND. I was so proud of myself because it didn’t upset me at all — until somebody called Troy a jerk. Now, that hurt. :-/ Nobody wants to have her hero called a jerk. Or a moron. (Of course, the heroine is allowed to call the hero a jerk. Or a moron. Or a nigemog. Featherhead. Dunderhead. Bird-witted dodo. Take your pick. *g*) But luckily, I’ve still got some peanutbutter cups, so I’m eating those for comfort. I would give a few to Troy, too, really I would! But well, you see the flaw in that…

Wolfenbach revisions: Yesterday I noticed for the first time that the hero’s father and the hero’s valet have almost identical names. *head on table* Why haven’t I seen this before? So I’ll need to page through my book of German firstnames some more.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Duh

  1. Carolyn

    Sandy, pay no attention to review and comments like that. You cannot please everyone. If you try, your book will be boring. I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t look. And if I Google my name (for some insane reason) I don’t click on links to reviews.

    Also, congrats on the sales! Yay!

  2. Terri

    Hmmm, AAR, can’t say that I am a fan of that site. They’ve been known to thoroughly trash authors and their books.

    I would not take what they have to say too seriously, some of those people don’t know what they’re talking about. 😉

  3. Sandy

    Thanks, Carolyn & Terri, for the comforting pat on the shoulder. 🙂

    I actually like AAR just fine and also do some postings on their boards. And so far they’ve been very nice to me, and TLB even showed up on some of the lists for the AAR Readers Poll earlier this year (luckily, NOT on the list for Worst Romance!). But as Carolyn said, you cannot please all readers, so I guess it was only a matter of time before some postings came up from readers who didn’t like the book. I’ve just been too lucky this far. *g*

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