Three More Facts about the Brandnew Novel

  1. Wildlife that is mentioned in the course of the story: wild boars, catfish, eels, and a crocodile (well, sort of).
  2. My heroine’s name is Carlotta (Charlie to her friends).
  3. Her best friend is Emma-Louise:

The stagecoach rumbled along the turnpike road. Outside, the brownish-green landscape flew by, while inside Carlotta and Emma-Louise sat squeezed between a shopkeeper from Berwick, a woman with a basket filled with cabbage heads, and a gentleman who was involved in demolishing a rather strong-smelling sausage. Unperturbed by the stench of the sausage, Emma-Lee was knitting. Click-clack, her needles flew as she created block after block of the blanket for her new baby niece. Charlie almost envied her best friend – at least Emma-Lee had something to keep her hands busy! She, by contrast… Knitting had never been her forte, and she had no wish to attempt some embroidery in the coach. She would probably end up with the needle stuck in her eye. Or, at the very least, with her fingers all pricked and sore.

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