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As an aspiring author you never think further than getting The Call, getting the contract. I never even thought as far as reading and understanding the contract! (Duh.) So when my editor faxed me the contract, I spent the first evening after The Call, that momentous event in the life of a writer, I spent that evening sitting in my office and crying my eyes out because I couldn’t understand a word of the coveted contract. (Double duh.)

After finally managing to understand the stupid thing (if I can read Beowulf in Old English, I’m not going to be defeated by a publishing contract!), I only ever thought about keeping my editor happy, i.e. handing in the revised manuscript on time (after some more panicking) and (worriedly) hoping he’ll like the revisions. And after that was done, I only thought as far as getting a website set up. And then in the midst of general worrying and panicking (by now you might have realized that I’m rather good at worrying and panicking) it finally dawned on me: There will be REVIEWS of my book. Perfect strangers will read my book โ€“ and comment on it! And if they don’t like it or if they just feel like it, they’re going to write nasty things about it. Reviewers at amazon might trash it. AND THERE’S NOT ONE THING I’LL BE ABLE TO DO ABOUT IT. Aaaaaaargh!!!!

You see, for a writer her book is not just a book; in a way it’s a part of her, something she has created. It’s her baby. And now she is supposed to give it to the babysitter for the first time and leave it all alone. You see what I mean? (At that point I vaguely thought about phoning my poor editor and telling him I wanted my manuscript back and didn’t want to get published after all.) (In the end, I didn’t, of course. I’m not that gaga, after all!) (But the thought most definitely crossed my mind.)

In the end, I took some calming breaths (translate: ate LOADS of chocolate) (which explains why two weeks ago I had to buy this stylish new stepper where you wriggle your butt while stepping and hope that you won’t only miraculously end up with this cute peach-shaped butt, but also with this tiny trim waist so you’ll be able to fit into this absolutely wonderful pair of trousers you wore once ten years ago when for about two weeks you were a size 8), and decided I’d just wait and see what would happen (even though that meant I had to find another thing to worry about) (ah yes, getting my heroine to that %$&ยง* castle). So far, there are two reviews of THE LILY BRAND online (at and โ€“ and guess what! The reviewers liked my book!!! Hooray!!!! So these days, I’m running around with a goofy grin on my face (when I’m not worrying about the RT review, getting my heroine to that castle, or about my weight).

But really, today it’s mucht too hot to worry at all, so I’d better make myself some more ice tea, grab a few strawberries and finally get my heroine to said castle. (Or, if that doesn’t work, write another love scene *g*)


3 thoughts on “Thoughts about Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Hallo Syndy, ich bin`s Betty vom Romatischen Bücherforum. Darf ich hier eigentlich in Deutsch schreiben, oder muss ich hier mein Englisch üben? Ich finde es witzig, dass Du uns hier so an Deinen ersten Veröffentlichungserlebnissen teilhaben läßt. Habe ich das jetzt richtig verstanden, dass in Deinem Vertrag drin stand, dass Du eine Homepage brauchst? Wirst Du als Autorin eigentlich vorher über das RT Review informiert oder siehst Du es auch erst mit Erscheinen der Juli-Ausgabe? Wo steckt eigentlich Deine Heldin auf dem Rhein fest? Interessiert mich doch als Rhein-Anwohnerin… Gruß Betty

  2. Sandra Schwab

    Hallo Betty, *winkt*

    danke für Deinen Beitrag! Wir können ruhig ein zweisprachiges Forum draus machen, kein Problem ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nein, in meinem Vertrag stand nicht, daß ich eine Homepage haben muß, aber mir war schon klar, daß ich eine brauche. Und da ich mich auf diesem Gebiet so rein gar nicht auskannte, wurde eine Oh-Gott-wie-komm-ich-denn-an-eine-Homepage-Panik daraus. *G*

    Was die Rezension betrifft: die sehe ich auch erst, wenn das Heft erscheint….

    Ich hoffe, mein noch kleiner Blog gefällt Dir & Du schaust noch öfter mal vorbei.


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