This is a really good week :-)

AztecLady wrote a lovely review of CASTLE OF THE WOLF on Karen Scott’s blog. Here’s an exerpt:

I like the novelty of setting the story in Germany, since most romance novels set in this period seem to unfold in Britain, and I definitely like the fact that both protagonists are rather older than the norm for Regencies. By far, though, the part I liked best was the supernatural/mystical side of the story, which is interesting in itself, since it is more tangential than intrinsic to the development of the main story line.

She also posted her review on several message boards, where people then had lovely discussions about the novel. (At this point you may imagine me once again jumping and dancing around the room.)

Then, this morning my author copies for BEWITCHED arrived. It’s always such a thrill to finally hold the finished book in your hands. And to feast your eyes on a whole box full of your books!!! (I was so happy to see the package, I nearly hugged the postman. Now the poor guy is probably convinced I’m completely crazy. Ah well … the sacrifices we make for our art! *g*)

And THEN a few hours later I found the latest issue of the German romance magazine LoveLetter in my mailbox. Wheeee!!!! Tina Dick, who reviewed BEWITCHED, did not drop dead while reading the novel, but instead enjoyed it a great deal. “Hinreißend ist der Historical durchweg, egal ob lustig oder düster.” Yay!