There’s still hope

Actually, the last 10 pages I wrote weren’t so bad after all. Still, I’m not yet quite sure whether killing the eeeeeevuhl plant with a magical sword is a good idea or not. Perhaps it needs to be killed with a simple spade? What do you think: sword or spade?

Hissing, the plant shot forward as if to snap at Bourne. Yet he stood out of its reach and, unperturbed, slowly lifted the sword with both hands. Rays of the wintersun caught and sparkled on the grey steel, and it seemed as if a gleaming star was lodged at the tip of the blade. The next moment, the weapon swung downward in a graceful, deadly arch. Yet instead of chopping off the main stalk, Bourne cut deep into the earth, apparently in order to hit the main root.

A high-pitched wail made them all start.

2 thoughts on “There’s still hope

  1. Kate

    See, now, if he’s going for the root, he can still use the sword. I just see him taking it in both hands, hilt up-blade down straight in front of him, as though he’s surrendering or swearing fealty to someone, and then just plunging the sword straight down into the heart of the plant.

    Only if the plant will let him get close enough to do that, though.

    And that’s just my thought on the whole thing.

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