There and Back Again

In case you were wondering: teh Kitteh and I haven’t fallen off the edges of the earth, nor have we been abducted by horrible aliens, nor buried under an avalanche of crafting books (though mountainous piles of crafting books seem to grow in my library these days …). What happened was that I didn’t have proper internet access. Or rather, it took me ages (two years to be exact) to install my new computer. But now the ‘puter is connected to all the important stuff (except for the printer — still need to buy a new printer) (there’s a pattern emerging here, can you see it?), and I’m properly back online. Yay! So there’s hope that I’ll get back to posting regularly. 🙂

Much has happened while I was away from my blog:

  • I bought a Kindle
  • I got addicted to Kindle books
  • I started to think that the Kindle is the best thing since the invention of chocolate
  • I sewed softies for Softies for Mirabel
  • I went to academic conferences in Canterbury and Leeds and at a castle on the banks of the Rhine.
  • I also went back to the Black Forest for the first time in 25 years and visited the small town in which I spent a part of my childhood and which was the model for Kirchwalden in CASTLE OF THE WOLF.

6 thoughts on “There and Back Again

  1. Dorie

    So delighted that you are back Sandy! Computers can be evil but I’m glad you have it sorted-except for the printer that is. I look forward to more book/craft related goodness. 🙂

    Did you take any pictures of the Black Forest while you were there? It sounds like such a lovely place.

    Ps. I want a Kindle too! Or an iPad…I can’t decide. I feel so behind without an e-book reader.

  2. Sandra Schwab

    Dorie, I did take some pictures and will post them here soon. And there’ll be pictures of the Black Forest from my childhood on my new (soon-to-be-launched) website.

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