The wail that echoed through towns and fields

I still haven’t written that last scene (I hate writing last scenes — probably because writing last scenes drives home like nothing else that the book is nearly done, which in turn means that I’ll have to send it to my agent and editor soon, which means that they’re going to read it ::mumble::and drop dead.::mumble:: AAAAAAARGH!) Instead of writing, I’m proofreading. (I also hate proofreading because it means I have to read my own stuff and we all know how I like that — duh.) Consequently, I’ve now reached a state of utter doom and gloom. ‘Tis not pretty. *sigh*

2 thoughts on “The wail that echoed through towns and fields

  1. carrie_lofty

    Hang in there, Sandy. I hate last scenes too. By that point, I have no clue whether what I’m trying to accomplish will come across that way to everyone else. It’s the ultimate test as to whether or not the thing works — and that’s a helluva lot of pressure for one little scene. **hugs**

  2. Sandra Schwab

    Thanks for the cheering up, Carrie. Idiotically, I left one of the most important scenes for last. (Note to self: DON’T DO THAT EVER AGAIN!) Ah well, I’m trying to tell myself that I’ll get to revise the whole thing at least once more anyway, so this is just a test run, so to speak, but still … *sigh*

    BUT: only two more days of this! Yay!

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