The Things I Would Have Missed

Just last weekend I was thinking, “Dash it, we haven’t had a proper scandal in romancelandia for weeks! What’s up with people??” And just a few days later we haven’t got one, but two scandals! Oh man, the things I would have missed if I had continued writing in German! *g*

On to another, totally scandal-free topic: on the Idea Boutique my guest blog about the inspiration for CASTLE OF THE WOLF has gone online. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The Things I Would Have Missed

  1. carrie_lofty

    Dang, it’s been a weird day. I was at my parents’ house last week where they have only dial-up. Glad I got back in time to catch everything!

    Saw your ad on Smart Bitches! Yay! Congratulations — hope it does good things for you 🙂

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