The Thing About Big Maps That Dangle From Blackboards

Today was my first day of teaching in the new semester. It’s always a bit daunting to step in front of a brandnew course, especially if said course consists of 47 people. (Yes, that’s right. 47. At other places that’s considered a lecture.)

The other bad thing about this course is that it starts with a geography lesson. Now, don’t get me wrong: there are maps I actually adore. Like my printed-out-and-glued-together Greenwood’s Map of London from 1827. Very lovely map this. But dangle a LARGE map from a blackboard and put me in front of it and I’m totally, irrevocably lost. Especially after stepping away from that blasted thing for a moment. Next thing I knew was me searching for the stupid Cambrian Mountains in central Wales — and they had disappeared! No mountains on the map.


Until somebody shouted from the back: “Wrong island!”


It’s not as if I couldn’t normally distinguish between Wales and Ireland, oh no! (After all, I lived in the latter for eight wet, stormy months, thank you very much!) But standing in front of that map … well, everything just sort of blurred to one big blob of land. I’ve always hated those big maps. Now you know why.

5 thoughts on “The Thing About Big Maps That Dangle From Blackboards

  1. Anonymous

    BTW, no news yet from the Wolfenbach front. :O( Even though I check my e-mail, like, every 10 minutes. *sigh*

  2. Dorie

    That would have been so embarassing Sandy! But I would be worse than you, put me in front of a map and I couldn’t find anything. LOL. I hope your first day went well despite that map moment. Do your students seem better this year?

    Sending hugs your way! ^_^

  3. Sandy

    Dorie, thank you for commiserating over my big-map-problems. *g* Beside that problem with disappearing mountains in Wales, the lesson went well, I suppose. At least nobody tried to jump out of the window or raced out of the room screaming. *ggg* And the first lesson of this course is usually sort of fun, because I let them tell me what comes to their mind if they think of England / Wales / Scotland (and usually Ireland, too, but this winter I didn’t manage to get that far) and they’re usually quite enthusiastic about that. It’s practically the only time when you see the *whole* course participating. 🙂 It’s good fun for both sides, I guess, and the wrong island thingie made them laugh, too, which isn’t too bad.


    A hi & welcome to Julie, who’s just working her way through the blog! *waving*

  4. Julie! ^_^

    Hey, you are spying on me! *lol* How could you?!
    But really nice to get here and recieve this warm welcome! I just thought… “Well, crap, she never wrote anything after september?!” *lol*
    Then I took a look at the right column. Well, just wham me over the head with this thing and maybe I’ll get it! *lol*
    Think I’ll be a regular visitor here from now on. Sounds like real good fun! *grin*
    *hoping on Sandy and giving her a reaaaaaallly big hug*
    Thanks so much for tha mail again! I got so many envious glances from my friends. *wink*

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