The Surprises of Book Parcels

Ordering at abebooks can be lots of fun — and in my case, usually ends in a major shopping spree. Today I got another bunch of parcels with books from my latest order, and it turned out that ordering at abebooks isn’t just lots of fun, but can also be somewhat tricky because most of the time you don’t really know what the book is all about. Of course, you can guess from the title, but sometimes titles can be very, very, VERY misleading. All books from that latest order date back to the early 19th century and have something to do with London — or so I thought. One of the books is called THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON INSTRUCTOR. “Hooray,” I thought, “a guidebook of London!”

Which turned out to be …

… slightly …

… wrong.

“The design of the following Work,” the preface of THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON INSTRUCTOR tells us, “has been to present the young Student of the graceful, admirable, and in our time most necessary art of Elocution, with selections from the best ancient and modern authors in every branch of English composition, most fitted for the purpose of eliciting and strengthening the powers of reading and speaking.”

(Ah. Jetzt. Ja. — Eine Insel!)

The world is full of surprises. :O)

2 thoughts on “The Surprises of Book Parcels

  1. cokadi

    Sandy – that that could have been worse. I thought immediately of something different. Isn’t “London”
    a brand for condoms too?

  2. Sandy

    I have no idea. *scratching my head* But a 19th-century book on condoms — now that would have been interesting! *GGG*

    Actually, I’ve seen condoms depicted on some illustrations from 18th and 19th-century erotica. Apparently you had to tie them around the penis with a little ribbon. Charmingly adorned with a little bow. :O)

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