The Socks Update

Have I already mentioned that I went to Frankfurt today in order to buy black socks? I figured the MTZ (the nearest mall) would be too busy and there wouldn’t be any parking place to be found, hence I took the train to Frankfurt.

(Okay, so I also wanted to find out whether Hugendubel had Christine Feehan’s latest release in stock.) (They hadn’t. Duh.)

As I walked up the street to the British Bookshop, I noticed two guards positioned at the entrance of the carpark of the stock exchange.

“Hm,” I thought and continued walking up the street.

Next thing I saw were three policecars (full of policemen and -women) coming down the street.

“Hmmm,” I thought and proceeded to step into the British Bookshop. (They didn’t have Feehan’s SAFE HARBOR either, but I discovered Rupert Everett’s autobiography. Looked interesting, but somewhat too expensive. Will have to order online.)

Afterwards I walked back to the Zeil (the main shopping mile in Frankfurt) and thereby passed by the stock exchange: the entrances were all blocked and several guards stood, well, guard in a rather worrysomely serious way.

Now I became really nervous — if there was a demonstration somewhere (but for what sort of demonstration would they close down the stock exchange??), I really didn’t want to be caught up in it. Especially considering all those guards around.

Still, I decided I would buy some black socks first before I went back home. Looked at bags, bought socks, went into the underground station — and there were more people than usual. And several trains were postponed or cancelled.

And then finally, I found out what was wrong in Frankfurt today: there was a NPD demonstration in one of the suburbs (NPD is the name of a German party; they are basically right-winged radicals) and a counter demonstration. And it was thought there might be some riots and unrest in the inner city afterwards.


And what’s more: when I finally came home, I found out what happened to my old black socks: they were all still in the Newcastle suitcase. *head desk*

One thought on “The Socks Update

  1. Laura Vivanco

    ‘when I finally came home, I found out what happened to my old black socks: they were all still in the Newcastle suitcase.’

    I’m sure there’s some deep symbolism in there 😉 You know, the sort where the person goes off on a quest, risking great danger in order to find their heart’s desire, and then at last returns disappointed, only to find that it was at home all the time, but it was only through journeying and suffering that their personality matured enough for them to be able to recognise/appreciate it.

    No, maybe not. Sometimes a sock is just a sock. 😉

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