The Plagiarism Thing

Just in case you’ve stumbled onto this blog after you’ve read my comments on Smart Bitches, Dear Author or Teach Me Tonight:

I’m not going to comment in length or detail on the latest plagiarism scandal because by now I seem to have put my foot in often enough as it is. I hope I have made it clear that I consider quoting from copyrighted sources without attribution wrong and that I do in no way condone how Cassie Edwards used her sources. However, I also think that in the course of the discussion (in the original blog posts as well as the comments) on Smart Bitches and Dear Author, a lot of statements have been made that didn’t take into consideration how research is incorporated into fiction, how this differs from academic writing, and how fiction might quote or paraphrase or refer to other fiction in the form of intertextual references, which don’t require attribution (except when your quoting directly from a copyrighted work — in this case you have to get permission from the copyright holder first and then include a formal attribution in your novel).