The Pitfalls of Christmas

How to reduce the normal pre-Christmas stress? Well, I’ve had the clever idea — since I haven’t had time for homemade cookies — to buy a package of dough at the supermarket so that I would at least bake the cookies myself. Sounds like a good plan? Well, I spent the afternoon cutting out cookies, shoving four backing-tray loads of cookies into the oven, and then decorating the cookies. The cookie-decoration ended up looking rather brilliant and professional and wonderful (if I may say so).


… the cookies themselves taste like crap.

So now my kitchen is filled with the usual cookie-baking smell that always makes me feel sick after a while, my tee-shirt is stenched with the cookie-baking scent, and I’ve got four baking-tray loads of cookies that look brilliant but don’t taste it.

Oh yes, and I wasted a whole afternoon for a useless cookie-baking-spree.

Somebody please hit me over the head.

2 thoughts on “The Pitfalls of Christmas

  1. Dorie

    LOL, that’s what dads are good for.

    Me and my sister made store bought cookies, they were already cut out into shapes and all you had to do was bake them and ice them, and they were pretty tasty gingerbread cookies.

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